A NEW YEAR, A NEW JOURNEY: Embracing Akwa Ibom’s Creative Spirit In 2024.

15 Jan 2024

Do you remember the Ekpo mask, which had eyes bigger than stars and told stories before words existed? Or the grandma weaving colorful magic into the fabric of Ukara, each thread holding a secret to our future? Is she a grandmother with a hidden wish? Can you see the nimble fingers of an Ibibio woman weaving her dreams into the fabric? Each thread is a living prayer for future generations. Can you hear the heartbreaking cries of the Ekombi singers who convey the weight of history and the hope of a new beginning? Imagine a young Ekpo dancer whose body is filled with stories older than trees, whose steps are moved by the rhythm of the earth's heartbeat. Can you do it?

Imagine stepping into a time machine, not to travel to a distant galaxy, but to journey back to the heart of Akwa Ibom's creative soul. As we begin a new year, we are called to do just that - "rediscover the living threads that run through the state's artistic heritage and weave them into the tapestry of inspiration for 2024."

This month's theme, "A Journey Back in Time," reminds us that the path to a striving future often begins with a reverent look into the past. In these echoes of yesterday, we find rhythms, colors, and stories that form our creative identity today.

Akwa Ibom, a land steeped in artistic legacy, has always been a muse of imagination. From intricate masquerade dances to the beat of ancient drums, to the moving melodies of Ekombi music, to the vibrant colors of Ukara fabric, the history of our state is depicted in an endless palette of creativity.

The echoes of the creativity of our ancestors continue to resonate today, inspiring new generations of artists, writers, musicians and performers. They reinterpret traditional art forms, mix genres and push boundaries, ensuring the creative spirit of Akwa Ibom not only endures, but thrives.

Let's embrace this spirit in 2024 with open arms and an open heart. Let's celebrate the innovative initiatives that drive our arts landscape, from Uyo's burgeoning street art scene to those driven by the community nurturing local talent.

Don't just witness this creative renaissance, be a part of it! Whether you are a seasoned artist or someone just discovering your creative spark, join us on Akwa Ibom's artistic journey.There's a place for you.

Grab your brushes, pens, or instruments. Gather with fellow creatives. Share your stories, talents and dreams. Let us together envision a future where the creative spirit of Akwa Ibom shines even brighter, illuminating our state and the world beyond.

THE BEAUTY OF ART: Unveiling The Month of Artistic Exploration

01 Feb 2024

Hey there, art lovers! February is here and guess what? It is time to unleash your inner artist at Anyen Iyak Foundation! We are excited to begin this month, a month dedicated to "The Beauty of Art." This month, we are going to be dipping out toes (or maybe diving headfirst!) into all things creative. This theme ignited a passion for artistic expression in our community. We will witness emerging artists blossom, seasoned creators push boundaries and audiences captivated by the magic of diverse artistic voices.

Here's what cooking' at Anyen Iyak this February/February at Anyen Iyak Foundation:

  1. Meet the Masters: We are bringing you amazing artists, both veterans and newbies, to share their secrets and igniting your own artistic fire. Standout paintings, music that grooves, words and poems that punch you in the feels - get ready to be inspired.

  2. Nurturing Artistic Growth: Are you feeling like a blank canvas? Don`t worry about that! We have got workshops, masterclasses and live sessions that will create fertile ground for learning and growth. Whether you are an experienced artist looking to improve your skills or a curious soul like Anyen Iyak taking our first steps into breaking boundaries in the artistic world, we have something for everyone.

  3. Connecting through creativity: We call this THE ART PARTY!!! Art transcends boundaries and foster connection. This month, we will be hosting community events, hangouts, X-spaces and collaborative art projects that celebrate the transformative power of artistic expression. We believe that creativity thrives in a space of shared passion and open mindedness. Who knows, you might even make some lifelong friends along the way.

So, this February, join us at Anyen Iyak Foundation as we embark on a thrilling voyage of artistic exploration. Together let's meet the Masters to unveil their hidden gems of creativity, nurture our artists and celebrate the transformative power of "THE BEAUTY OF ART"

Follow us on social media [] for the full calendar of event! We can't wait to share this month of artistic adventure with you.

Let your creativity bloom this February. Come explore with us.

USE OUR HASHTAGS: #AnyenIyakArtFoundation (Main hashtag), #AnyenIyak2024, #TheBeautyOfArt, #AkwaIbomCreatives

Victor Ekpuk: Weaving Stories with Ancient Symbols

12 Feb 2024

Imagine an artist who paints and sculpts stories, not with words, but with ancient symbols. That's Victor Ekpuk, a Nigerian-American artist who uses a secret language called Nsibidi to create powerful works of art.

Ekpuk's journey began in Nigeria, where he learned about Nsibidi from his grandfather. This ancient system of symbols was used by secret societies to communicate important messages. Inspired by its richness and mystery, Ekpuk started incorporating Nsibidi symbols into his art.

But Ekpuk doesn't just copy the past. He reimagines these symbols, twisting and turning them into new shapes and colors. He adds his own ideas and feelings, creating artwork that speaks to the world today. His paintings, sculptures, and installations tell stories about history, culture, and the human spirit.

Ekpuk's work isn't just beautiful, it's important. It helps people understand the rich history of Africa and appreciate its diverse cultures. He's shown his artwork all over the world, from museums in America to galleries in Dubai. He even creates giant murals and sculptures in public spaces, so everyone can enjoy his art.

Here are some key things to remember about Victor Ekpuk:

  • He uses Nsibidi, an ancient Nigerian writing system, to create his art.

  • He reimagines these symbols into new and exciting forms.

  • His artwork tells stories about history, culture, and the human spirit.

  • He's shown his work all over the world and created public art projects.

  • He helps people understand and appreciate African heritage.

Victor Ekpuk is a true artist, using his talent to bridge the gap between past and present, and connect people from all over the world. So next time you see his artwork, remember the stories it tells and the ancient symbols that come alive in his hands.

Want to explore Victor Ekpuk's work further? Visit his website/Instagram/gallery page [] to see more of his creations!

Follow us on social media [] for the full calendar of event! We can't wait to share this month of artistic adventure with you.

USE OUR HASHTAGS: #AnyenIyakArtFoundation (Main hashtag), #AnyenIyak2024, #TheBeautyOfArt, #AkwaIbomCreatives

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